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There are so many choices when it comes to your Medicare health options. I tell all of my clients "if choosing the right plan was easy, I wouldn't have a job!" Hi, I am Sean Finnegan, and I am an independent Medicare broker. Being independent allows me to research all the plans available in your county. I find the plan that includes all your doctors, medicines, and the benefits you want. The plan cost is the same to you whether you work with me or do the research on your own. Let me become your advocate now and in the future!

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  • “My goal is to work for your best interests. To find the plan that includes all of your doctors, medicines, and the benefits you want at a cost you can afford!”
  • — Sean Finnegan, Independent Medicare Broker

I will find out if you're receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to. I'm able to help seniors find the right plan year round, not just during the annual enrollment period.

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Saved thousands of dollars in co-pays!

“I knew my Father was going to need additional acute nursing care, but his allotted free days were running out. I got in contact with Sean, and he met with me that same day. We reviewed our options, and he put my Father on a different plan that would cover the costs. It saved thousands of dollars in co-pays!”

— Dawn C. (Ballston Spa, NY)

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Found the company with the lowest premium

“I was concerned about the co-payments I would have for some upcoming tests and what my co-payments would be for a hospital stay. I called Sean, and he found the company with the lowest premium for the plan that would cover those costs.”

— Gwen W. (Gansevoort, NY)

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Financial aid programs

“I knew there were financial aid programs available for people on Medicare, but I was not sure what they were or where to apply. Sean brought the forms to me and helped me fill them out. He even mailed and faxed the documents for me.”

— Linda B. (Greenwich, NY)

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